Water and Electricity Fees

Water – Free of charge (for environmental reasons please try and limit waste).

Electricity – We offer both a metered and an un-metered tariff for a 16 Amp supply.

Metered tariff Cost per unit inc VAT
Unit cost estimate 14.54p per unit inc VAT (5%)
Service charge 6p per unit inc VAT (20%)

Unmetered tariff 16 Amp Supply £ inc VAT (5%)

Term 16 Amp supply £ inc VAT
Daily 4.20
Weekly 50.00
Monthly 57.00
6 Month* 275.00
Annual 475.00

*Summer period – 1st April to 31st October

Please note:

1. Customers requiring metered electricity must provide their own metered lead. Berth holders using metered electricity must arrange to have their meters read prior to leaving their berth and on their return before reconnecting to shore power. Failure to do so will result in charges being levied at the unmetered tariff rate.

2. 32 Amp supply is available in certain areas of the marina (metered tariff only).

3. Unmetered power cables are available on short term loan against a £25 refundable deposit.

4. It shall be assumed that a vessel is drawing power if its electricity lead is connected to shore power.

5. Due to the marine environment the reliability of supply cannot be guaranteed. Owners with onboard freezers should ensure that the contents are covered under their insurance policy.