Contract Berthing Fees

Mayflower Marina has 396 berths which can accommodate a range of boats up to 72ft (20m). The marina’s berthing year commences on 1st April and contracts can be offered for periods of between 4 and 12 months. There is no minimum length. If you are new to Mayflower Marina you may be eligible for a new berth discount against the cost of contract berthing.

Contract Berthing Fees (Valid to 31st March 2020)

Berthing Term Rate £ / metre inc VAT (20%)
12 months £449
11 months £427
10 months £404
9 months £375
8 months £346
7 months £317
6 months £286
5 months £248
4 months £209
5 months winter
from 01/11/19
4 months winter
from 01/11/19


1. The basis for calculation is Length Overall or LOA, to the nearest 0.1m (including bowsprit, davits etc). We reserve the right to measure all boats.

2. Minimum chargeable length 4.5m.

3. Multi-hulls LOA x 1.5.

4. Payment by standing order is offered on all contracts of 6 months or longer. This service will attract a surcharge of between 0% and 3% of the contract value.

5. Visitor rates include electricity and are due in advance. Refunds will be made for early departure.

6. Visitors must depart by 1500 hours on their day of departure.

7. Maximum short stay permitted 4 hours thereafter daily visitors rates apply.

8. Tenders (up to 2.75m LOA) moored remotely from main vessel £275 per annum inc. VAT.

9. It is a requirement that all vessels using Mayflower Marina maintain third party (including public liability and where relevant, employer’s liability) liability cover to a sum of not less than £3,000,000.

10. All berthing is subject to the marina’s terms and conditions – copies available upon request.

Flexible Berthing Explained:

We are pleased to promote our increasingly popular Flexible Berthing Offer. Introduced a few years ago, for visitors who wish to use Mayflower Marina as a cruising base.

1. Buy 30 days visitor berthing @£66/metre inc. VAT.

2. Days can be used as it suits your cruising plans any time before 31st March 2020.

3. Come and go as you please. When you stay it just reduces the number of days you have left in credit.

4. Rate includes electricity, WiFi and parking for one car.

5. Days not used by 31st March 2020 shall be forfeit.

6. Full terms & conditions are available upon request.

If you have any queries about the above and would like to chat over the phone, please call 01752 556633 and ask for Angela Rhodes our Office Manager.