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24th March 2020.

Dear All,

Following the announcement by HM Government yesterday evening 23/03/2020, and the restrictions on the movement of people, we have revised our operating position accordingly.

With immediate effect we shall be reducing the number of staff on duty at the marina to what we consider to be the bare minimum, however; the marina shall continue to be staffed 24/7 for security purposes. The implications of this reduced level of staffing is as follows:

  • The marina office shall be staffed daily between 0900 – 1700, but to avoid person-to-person contact, the marina office door shall be locked. Communication with the office shall be via telephone – 01752 556633 (out of office hours 07840 116853), or by email –
  • We have stopped taking payment by cash for the time being. To make a payment please either pay by card over the phone or make a bank transfer – thanks!
  • For security reasons the main gates will be locked shut at 1800 and reopened at 0600. If access should be required during this time, please phone the Night Bosun mobile – 07840 116853.
  • All routine boat hoisting shall be suspended until further notice.
  • Fuel will be available for the Ministry of Defence Police, the RNLI and for others within the Port who need fuel for essential purposes.

More generally, to help reduce the spread and infection rate of the virus, we respectfully request that you stay away from the marina unless your visit is absolutely essential, or you are currently self-isolating aboard your boat. This request sits uncomfortably with me and yet I know that it is the right decision in terms of our wider social responsibility.

With this in mind, and to reiterate the point I made in my communiqué dated 17/03/2020, we will continue to check the exterior of boats, their mooring lines and their fenders on our daily rounds. If you have other concerns relating to your boat and would like us to check on something specific, please phone or email the office and let us know what you would like us to do.

The above information is subject to change.

Stay safe and with very best wishes,

Charles Bush
Managing Director
Sailport Plc