At Mayflower Marina we are keen to promote good environmental practice. We work closely with our employees, tenants and berth holders to raise awareness of environmental issues to help minimise the impact of our collective activities.

Our environmental policy highlights that we are committed to complying with current legislation and seek continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

The Marina provides comprehensive recycling facilities for waste oil, oil contaminated waste, antifouling tins and accessories, batteries, metal, glass, food waste, cardboard, plastic, tins, foil, aerosols, newspapers and magazines. The Marina also has special waste reception for the disposal international catering waste and a sewage holding tank pump-out facility.

Mayflower Marina retains Clean Coast Services to keep the water of the marina free of debris. For further information www.cleancoastservices.com

We all have a responsibility for the environment and we see our relationship with our berth holders very much as a partnership approach. Please can we ask that you do your bit to help:

We ask that you:

  • Segregate waste and place it in the appropriate recycling bins
  • Help save water by using the stop taps fitted at the end of hoses
  • Put a tarpaulin out to catch antifoul scrapings then carefully dispose of the dust in the bin provided.
  • Please don’t discharge raw sewage into the marina or indeed anywhere else in Plymouth Sound. For boats with holding tanks fitted we have a sewage pump out facility.
  • Mop up any fuel spills and dispose of any fuel contaminated rags etc in the bin provided.
  • Reducing noise pollution by stopping frapping halyards and keeping music volume down to a sociable level.
  • Reduce your speed and check your wash in sensitive areas, particularly in vicinity of the shoreline habitats of the Tamar Estuary

Please do look at The Green Blue website for more information on good environmental and sustainable practice. The Green Blue is the joint environment programme created by the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine to reduce the impact by boat users and businesses on coastal and inland waters and to keep them in great shape now and for the future. www.thegreenblue.org.uk